Inflatable Waterball

Inflatable Waterball

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Inflatable water walking ball is an exciting outdoor activity, the human sphere is very popular between children and adults. It comes with the blower.

The water ball can make you challenge yourself to a certain extent. Zorbing games can experience of stimulus, release pressure bring laughter at the same time. Our zorb ball possess own special double reinforcement technology. Unique double reinforcement technology, give you a different experience on water. So what are you waiting for, hold firmly to choose and buy! We provides our customers with various kinds of Inflatable Waterball for sale, commercial Inflatables Waterball, water walking ball products for sale.

In our online store, you can choose whatever you have favor in mind. Now, click the picture to enlarge and get details:


1.Is Water ball safe?
Yes, our products have been tested and approved as a public entertainment apparatus by the Technological Institute of Aarhus.

2.What are the Water balls made of?
Our product Water ball is made of a very durable material called TPU/PVC.

3.How are the balls inflated?
The balls are 2 meters in diameter and inflated with air from a compressor. Is take about 1 minute to inflate the ball.

4.Is there oxygen in the ball?
Yes, there is oxygen for 30 minutes with activity in the ball.
One ride usually lasts 7-10 min.

5.How to get in / out of the ball?
You crawl through the zipper opening when the ball is deflated. Then the zipper is closed and the ball is inflated.
When you are on the water, there is always a safety line on the ball which is used to pull the ball into shore.
When the trip is over, the zipper is opened and the guest can exit the ball.

6.How strong/ durable is the ball?
The ball is is made of extremely durable 0.8 mm. TPU/PVC plastic.
You can jump, run and play all you want without damaging the ball, as long as the rules in the user manual has been followed. It is important to always ensure that the ball is inflated up.

7. Who can use the balls?
If you are visibly drunk or affected by drugs, you should not use the Water ball. People suffering of high blood pressure, heart problems or epilepsy are not recommended to use Water ball.
If you are pregnant or have neck / back problems or have been operated in the last 12 months is not recommended to use Water ball.

8.What happens if the ball punctures?
If the ball punctures there is no reason to panic.
Small and large holes or tears can easily be patched and sealed. If there is a leak in the ball simply signal the instructor and you are pulled ashore.
The ball will not sink unless it is completely destroyed.

Buy cheap and discount Inflatable Waterball for adults & kids to play, 365inflatable is a professional Inflatable Waterball manufacturer in china. We supply all the customer satisfaction bouncers In Australia.

We could provide blowup products for many cities in Australia. Such as: Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Engadine, Nowra, Bayswater, Tammin and so on.

365inflatable insists that consumers can rest assured that quality fabrics, accessories and exquisite craftsmanship are the guarantee of quality Inflatable Waterball.

365inflatable's Inflatable Waterball use imported PVC raw materials, thick anti-slip bottom design, enhance elasticity, increase thick side rail safety protection, match cartoon shape, match bright colors, let customers fall in love with sports. Good layout, lots of fun.

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